Computer shopping

2013-06-19 00:31:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

As a parent you come to expect things. One day you might walk in on someone drawing on your wall with a crayon they squirreled away from a fun colouring book activity. You might walk in to see your laptop on the ground and the culprit typing merrily away.

Walls can be scrubbed or repainted but after a quick trip to the floor the plastic shell of laptop sometimes takes the brunt of the impact. When the break is near the display hinge it is but a few opens and closes away from disaster. The computer can be repurposed into something a little less portable but its days as a laptop are nearing the end.

Once you’ve backed up all that is left is to find a new device. When purchasing a tool that you will use on a daily basis it is important to find the right one. Depending on the situation the right one might be decided by the name of a gameshow “The Price is Right”. Just shopping on price there are any number of available devices under the the $300 price point. Dealnews has 10 in that range. The cheapest Mac laptop is $1199. The Air is technically a Netbook, because it lacks an optical drive. For lack of compatibility (without triple booting), price vs. other similiarly equiped machines, and proprietary connectors Apple is off the table.