Installing Arch on a Toshiba NB300

2015-05-01 19:58:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

A few considerations:

Backed up any files you want to keep?
Power connected?
Access to Internet?

Start reading here:

Have a solid state drive? (I hope you have a really small star screw driver.)

<pre>/proc/sys/vm/swappiness</pre><pre> </pre><pre> </pre>
Find which parts you have and read up on them.

I’ve found it  is helpful to create a folder with all my system information as some manufacturers remove documentation.

Your going to need some method of getting the OS on the computer.

USB/SD Drive or Optical are common options, with a Net Book unless you have an external optical drive the USB/SD Drive are probably the best options.

I opted for the USB Drive option.  This destroys the contents of the drive and you might have to take some steps to start using it for regular storage again. Since I was writing the system from Windows I used the USBWriter program.