New Blog Site and Engine

2016-08-18 04:34:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

New blog format.

My loyal readers might ask me:

But Carl Burks? Why are you switching from Google's blogspot(blogger) to a site you made your self?

Blogspot ranks great for Google, but other search engines which bribe people to use them such as Bing rate blogspot very low on their search results. As such I have taken steps to achieve my goal of success in ranking number one. The first step is using words that convey the keywords I want Google, Bing, et al to find. For example I might say:

Carl Burks is a full stack developer. He is skilled in the arts of:

Certainly you might say that Carl Burks referring to himself in the third person is a bit silly; however, for searching, nothing works better than utilizing some creative license when writing for arachnids. Full stack Web developer Carl Burks a talented senior software engineer in the financial has released a new blogging format for his personal website.

If you were to ask Carl Burks what he used to make this website, he might answer:

I haven't found hosting or my domain name yet, so I am just playing around on my desktop. Currently I am running Windows 10, and didn't feel like using Jekyll. I kind of like the idea of making a bare metal site using just HTML.