Little Rock Tech Fest

2016-10-26 02:40:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

Thursday and Friday were the Little Rock Tech Fest. Several of my co-workers and I got to attend. It was a two day technology conference.

Here is the link.

They had move it upstairs this year. Previously it was in the basement and did not charge for tickets. This year the early bird special was $75. What do you get for your ticket price?

Here are some of the courses I attended:

If that seems a lot to take in, well it was.

Here are some URLs I made notes about:

Fantasty Land

kubernetes Used for managing docker container

Performance tools

Building a 12 factor app

Mozilla Timeline

Utility for testing


C# example of docker microservices

Meeting with other developers and having an exchange of ideas I believe pulls developers of the rut. It is easy to become fixed in ones own way of doing things and familiar technlogies. Exposing your mind to new ideas and new ways of tackling problems provides opportunities for growth.