Book site Vue Version

2017-09-15 02:16:12 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

I didn't include a screen shot yesterday so here is one:

Book Site

Book Site

I'm not including a screen shot of the knockout implementation, but it looks very close.

Yesterday I uploaded a knockout version of a site that shows books. Today I've uploaded a version in Vue. Which is great because Telerik just announced support for Vue:

Telerik Blog

I don't actually use Telerik at home, but I use it daily elsewhere. I love new technologies and it is really nice when something I'm working with at home is supported.

You can do a diff of my Github Booksite on the knockout folder and the vue folder.

I installed meld with pacman and was able to compare the projects.

Here are some important differences in the HTML:

Here is the main difference in the JavaScript:


Knockout is still getting updates. It had a commit on July 23, but Vue was updated 8 hours ago.

Easy of Use

The learning curve between them seemed low enough, and both seemed very easy to use.


I think Vue has a little more structure


MIT for Vue MIT for Knockout


Vue has a Mustache/Handlebars like templating system. I'm in favor of this.

Which would I pick?

I'd probably pick Vue. It is newer and I don't see a lot of community interest in knockout.