January Update

2018-01-22 06:49:44 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks


Work has been demanding more of my time recently and as such I haven’t had time to update my blog as much as I would like.

I recently started mining bitcoins with NiceHash it was really easy to get started. I realize the current rates aren’t as high as they were a few days ago, but it was interesting to see the fractions of a coin adding up:

0.00040209 BTC since I started.

I’ve decided it probably isn’t worth running from my laptop. My gaming computer might be worth it if the price goes back up. The interesting thing about this program is that it automatically creates a wallet and can switch algorithms as it goes.


Book Site

Bought the latest Humble Python bundle and added it to my library. I wanted to start extracting the ISBNs to get better meta data. I built a regex to extract it.

With Powershell it was pretty easy to find them.

Docs: Microsoft Powershell Regex Docs

It wasn’t right approach though. Letting Python do the heavy lifting was:

PyPDF2 to extract the text. ISBNTools to get the ISBN and to find the meta data.


This required installing the C++ redistributable and dealing with rc.exe missing from the Visual Studio directory:

StackOverflow Visual Studio can’t build due to rc.exe

Text Game Engine

I’ve been tinkering with a game engine. At the moment I’m focusing on text only. I’ve got a Hex Grid renderer that is my current focus on this project.

Other projects I’m playing with:



I played a little Minecraft with my boys and I was happy to learn Minecraft for windows added back command blocks. Previously I wrote an article about how to build a castle with command blocks for the Java Edition. If I have time I’d like to revisit that for the new version.