Book Site Continued AngularIO

2017-10-04 23:47:17 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

I finished my AngularIO version of my book site. So I'm ready to compare the technologies.

(Lower is better) 1 to 5

AngularIO React Vue
Learning Curve from Knockout 3 4 1
Organization Structure 1 3 1
Scalability 1 2 2
Templating 1 1 1

Bottom line any of these can be usable. AngularIO requires more setup to get working. React and AngularIO seemed to take longer to build. AngularIO is harder to search for working examples because search often show AngularJS which has different implementation. AngularIO seems to require to do much of anything and a handful of other imports including RXJS. I did make the AngularIO version use Docker to serve up the data source and books, so I'll probably update the others to do the same.

I'm going to say I like the Vue version the best.