Arcade Joystick

2016-07-28 04:34:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

This idea has been a long time in the cooker. I’ve been wanting to put together an Arcade style joystick since my Commodore days. I finally just did it:

I ordered one of these from amazon: “Easyget Zero Delay Pc Arcade Game Joystick Cabinet DIY Parts Kit for Mame Jamma & Fighting Games Support All Windows Systems - Color Black Kit” It came today:

The unboxing. It came in a bunch plastic bags. Here are the parts fanned out. A blurry one of me testing the joystick without the buttons on my computer before assembled it.

I found these on thingaverse. I printed them, but one of them snapped. I’m reprinting it with a higher fill density.

Raspberry Pi Arcade Stick Console

Crude markings for drilling. The pieces drilled. A trip to Ace hardware and I was ready to sand, paint, and assemble. I thought I would test out some paints on the bottom piece which isn’t very visible once assembled. Here is the painted version without assembly. Mostly assembled. I drilled holes for the joystick but after putting the hardware in I noticed the D-stick bumped one of the edges of the wall. instead I used some wood screws and re-centered stick. Here we go hooked up. You can see the keyboard underneath. I’m going to add a wrist rest next. After some advice from my long time friend I stumbled upon the joytokey software to get things working for games which don’t support standard joysticks.

The joystick parts from amazon cost me 25 dollars and 10 dollars worth of search history sold to “Bing” for Amazon gift cards. We had the wood left from a crib to outdoor couch project. Then I spent about 10 dollars at Ace Hardware. The risers I 3d printed from a giant orange spool of .175 I ordered for around 13 dollars so I’ll go ahead a say about .50 cents worth. Total out of pocket $35ish. Not bad.