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Teamspeak Install/Setup Instructions


Carl Burks

Teamspeak Install/Setup Instructions

For Ubuntu

  1. Install PUTTY or SSH utility (optional)
  2. Install VirtualBox
  3. Download latest server ISO from Ubuntu.
  4. Provision the Virtual Machine to match or exceed the recommendations for minimum system specifications
  5. Attach the ISO and install
    • use entire disk no LVM
    • install updates automatically
    • standard system utilities
    • OpenSSH (optional)
    • GRUB on boot is fine for dedicated VM
  6. Add port forwarding to your NAT
    • map a port for SSH
    • map a UDP port for client port 9987
  7. Install Guest Additions
    1. sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
    2. cd /media/cdrom
    3. sudo apt-get -y install gcc make
    4. sudo ./
    5. sudo umount /media/cdrom
    6. sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now
  8. update os
    • sudo apt-get update
  9. clone vm so you don't need to install ubuntu again
    • setup a different host name for each full clone
    • setup a different port for openSSH so you can boot a few up at once
  10. start headless virtualbox instance
    • ssh with PuTTY or another tool
  11. install teamspeak-server
    1. Download from
    2. Click the copy link
    3. wget and paste into putty
      wget pastedurlhere
    4. decompress the download
      tar -xvf somedownload.bz2
    5. start the server
      ./ start
    6. save off that screen that pops up it is important
      • sign in from the TeamSpeak client
      • add the network key from the screen that appeared
    7. set the teamspeak server to startup on server ``` crontab -e @reboot /path/to/decompressedlocation/ start