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PowerShell Functions:

Recently I made a PowerShellFunctions. In a previous post I talked about one of the functions used Display-Calendar. I have since updated it to utilize the appropriate verb show. For a list of appropriate PowerShell verbs look no further than:Approved Verbs

I have recently updated it to include:
  • PS-Windows-Functions
    • Sync-WindowsTime
  • PS-File-Functions
    • ConvertFrom-Base64
    • ConvertTo-Base64
    • Write-CompressedFiles
  • PS-Calendar-Functions
    • Show-Calendar
  • PS-Structured-Query-Language-Functions
    • Get-Sql
    • Show-DatabasesWithTable
  • PS-GUI-Functions
    • Set-Clipboard



This starts the Windows Time service and calls w32tm /resync
Why might you use such a command? Perhaps you dual boot and the time is off after rebooting.
See: KB2385818.



This takes a input and produces a Base64 string:

echo "Look of disapproval" | ConvertTo-Base64

Results in: TG9vayBvZiBkaXNhcHByb3ZhbA0K


"TG9vayBvZiBkaXNhcHByb3ZhbA0K" | ConvertFrom-Base64

Results in: Look of disapproval


Takes a directoryPath and writes a zip file in the destinationFile location.

Write-CompressedFile $directoryPath $destinationFile

I use this to zip up my module directory and save to my cloud:

Write-CompressedFile $env:PSModulePath.Split(";")[0] $ExportCompressedModuleFilePath $true



Previous Blog Post



This one is probably one of my favorite functions in the library. Here is an example:

Get-Sql "mycoolserver" "mydb" "select * from widgets"

You can pipe it to something like:

Get-Sql "mycoolserver" "mydb" "select * from widgets" | Out-GridView

Or make a query that calls a query:

Get-Sql "mycoolserver" "mydb" "select serverName, databaseName from linkedServerTable" | %{Get-Sql $_.serverName $_.databaseName "Select * from Widgets"}

Hopefully your database doesn't do that, but if it does it is nice to know PowerShell can handle it.


Sometimes you need to find a database with a specific table:

DatabasesWithTable "mycoolserver" "importantTableName"

Gives you a list of databases with the appropriate table.
As we learned from the previous example you can chain these via the pipe line so you could run a query for each database.