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Reddit DL has been renamed to Pernicious Paper Picker


Carl Burks

Once again the desire to code has returned and I have taken the steps to do a refactor of my RedditDL codebase. I have renamed to to PerniciousPaperPicker. This name change should now reflect the choice to have more input sources than simple the Reddit PRAW. I have stumbled upon the:

News API

This will allow me to query multiple sources of information.

Here are my current thoughts of development items for the Pernicious Paper Picker:

  • Testing
  • Implement multiple input sources
  • Clean up the text from sources
  • Smartly handle non-HTML content such as pictures and other media
  • User Interface for viewing and requesting content
  • Docker File
  • Dedicated hardware for each listener
  • Kiosk for the content

Carl Burks