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EVE Online


Carl Burks
I recently started playing a popular space game. EVE Online.

If you've never heard of the game, I would suggest going to YouTube and look at a few videos.

Here is a trailer:

I had joined a corp and they wanted to get a list of all their player's assets. I created a PowerShell Script specifically for that purpose.

This one requires setting up your API key:

Skill Script:

This one shouldn't need any special permissions:

Sector Script:
The script above lists the solar systems along with some interest data. Kills, Warps, and Corporation Ownership.

To view all just use:

Since it is PowerShell you can harness the Pipeline to find quite spaces and put them in a CSV file:

 $solarSystems.Values | %{if($_.ShipJumps -lt 3 -and $_.ShipKills -eq 0){$_}} | export-csv "your file path.csv"

If you decide you want to try it sign up for a free trial below:

Click on my Buddy link and sign up for a free trial: