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Building console apps


Carl Burks

I read an article a while back on reddit about a python library for building terminal apps.

It seemed pretty cool and I wanted to try it out. It worked fine on Linux, but I wanted to see if it would work on Windows.

Sadly it uses:

Which is a great library, but the Python3 library for windows doesn't have it. What is a developer to do?

Well Windows has one thing going for it. It has Linux, well with a subsystem:

Getting it installed is only half the battle:

You need Linux installed. How ironic is it to install a free OS from a walled garden like the Microsoft Store. Sometimes you can't avoid every problem.

In the words of Dr. Ian Malcom:

"Life, Uh, finds a way"

Well after getting Ubuntu installed I was almost ready. I tried Debian, but the user permissions wouldn't access my home directory without running as Admin and I didn't want to do that.

I just had to install python3, pip3 and then pip to install npyscreen.

It worked just fine after that.