Carl Burks is a software developer for a global financial institution. With over ten years experience in technology and software development for financial organizations and over twenty years of software experience, Carl Burks provides articles, musings and insight into technology issues, software development, and other selected topics.

Back from my break


Carl Burks

I've been on break since July, I took a family trip to Branson. It was the week of the Duck boats sinking.

I was working on a project using node, socketio and typescript to build a project. I had some issues trying to share code between the server and the client. I was trying to do it with just webpack and I think I figured out what went wrong a few weeks after I stopped working on it. I was encountering too much development friction so I decided to limit scope and work solely on a back end. I swapped out Node for C# and I picked things up from there. I swapped my OS again back to Arch Linux and wanted to try dotnet core on Linux to see what the experience was like. I found MonoDevelop didn't want to debug the application, and VScode would, but didn't have as much solution/project support, so I am using both of them MonoDevelop to write the code, and VScode's debugger.

Another project I've been working on is Central Arkansas JavaScript it is a user group I've been working on getting up and running with two other volunteers.

On a less serious note steam had a sale on No Man's Sky and I've been giving that a good play through.