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Minimal Chat with Netcat


Carl Burks

Recently I was setting up another computer and I wanted to set it up the same as my current machine and I wanted to send a list of my packages installed and didn't want to send and email, Facebook message, or open GoogleDrive, so I did some research.

Find the IP address of the computers

ip address show | grep -i inet

"ip address show" is a way to find the ip address of a computer, and then piping it to grep and filtering down to strings containing inet cuts down some of the noise.

Setup the first computer

nc -l 55555 Explain shell for this

This starts netcat in listen mode for the port 55555.

Setup the next computer

nc <ipaddress_of_first_computer> 55555 This opens netcat to the other computer.


Type some information in one of the terminals and press enter and it will show in the other terminal.

Getting installed packages using pacman

pacman -Qqe > pkglist.txt

pacman -S - < pkglist.txt

Will install packages from a list.