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Starving Pinnipeds


Carl Burks

A while back I started sowing the seeds of knowledge for my children to learn software development. I tried Python, and a few other things with them, but I thought I'd make a simple game in JavaScript and migrate it through development styles to show them a few things about how software evolves.

I used Aseprite to make a simple image for the game and walked them through how layers can form an animation.

Screen shot

I've created the repo:

I started them off learning about functions and few other things, and then showed them how people coded before jQuery. Then the stages of using selectors to wire up a page, then finally a bit of VueJS.

Screen shot

I let them implement a feature autocollector which collects coins from the pinniped and look at fixing bugs.

I don't think I'll be spending much more time on the repo, but they might be adding features at a later date.