Carl Burks is a software developer for a global financial institution. With over ten years experience in technology and software development for financial organizations and over twenty years of software experience, Carl Burks provides articles, musings and insight into technology issues, software development, and other selected topics.



Carl Burks

Building Project Scaffolding

A few days ago I began building a docker compose for Web Dev Scaffolding. I have moved it from the Docker Files repo to its own.

If you don't feel like rolling your own of things consider:


From their site:

Yeoman helps you to kickstart new projects, prescribing best practices and tools to help you stay productive.

They have tutorials and guides to getting started with several popular libraries.

I'm not using yeoman right now, but I wanted to link to it for those who might not be aware of what it can do.

In my project I've got the following stack:

  • docker
    • node
      • npm
      • gulp
        • sass
        • javascript
          • jquery
          • knockoutjs
          • lodash
        • typescript implemented with some consideration
        • bootstrap
      • browsersync not yet implemented
    • Python server api endpoint
      • Flask
      • SqlAlchemy not yet implemented
    • Redis caching
    • MariaDB long term storage, queries, and reporting not yet implemented
    • RabbitMQ queing process workflow management not yet implemented
    • Celery considering usage
    • Python work process not yet implemented



Binding to and making networks


Adding typings seemed to make GitKraken fail to open the repo. I've added them to the ignore for now. The mapings aren't being made.