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Remote Assistance


Carl Burks

My aunt had purchased a new computer from the recent Prime sale and needed some assistance setting up email. I showed her the web mail option, but she saw the built in Windows mail app and wanted to use that. I started helping her with the built in Mail app but it was getting an error.

After the usual communication break down using just a phone to provide a assistance I decided I wanted to
try the new feature in Windows 10 "Quick Assist" this replaced the old "Remote Assistance" feature. I fired it up and got a token and two seconds later it closed and I got a worthless error message.

After digging into the window logs and looking online I had discovered that my Windows Store cache had been corrupted and after spending several hours trying various solutions I had to delete the account on the machine and re-add it. After that things started working again. Since I some slack time between some of the activities while the computer was working, I searched for alternatives, TeamViewer seemed to be a decent choice and it would work from my Android phone, Linux computer, non-existent Apple devices, and also Windows. I created an account and tested it on my laptop.

After all this I was able to remotely control one computer from my phone and then once I had a new account in windows I was able to get "Quick Assist" to work. It was pretty late by then I sent a Facebook message to my Aunt, and in the morning she told me she was okay with the web mail. Even though I didn't needed it this time I think I'm going to keep TeamViewer in my toolkit for helping my friends and family with the incidental tech support.