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Infrared remote Update


Carl Burks

Spend some time this weekend playing with my new soldering iron. I put together the IR blaster and receiver.

Here's a picture: Remote

So for the Arduino code I used the IR library:

IR Library

I played around with getting the blaster to work without success. The receiver I was able to read several remotes, but not the one for my Changhong tv. I think it might use a frequency that is out of range or perhaps blueooth even.

I hooked the board that I soldered together both the Leonardo and the pro-micro and it worked with both. I wrote a little bit of Python plumbing code to have my computer use the IR receiver:

import serial
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

volume_up_sequence = '''key XF86AudioRaiseVolume
volume_down_sequence = '''key XF86AudioLowerVolume

terminal_sequence = '''keydown Control_L
keydown Alt_L
key t
keyup Control_L
keyup Alt_L

key_sequence = '''key %s

def keypress(sequence):
     p = Popen(['xte'], stdin=PIPE)

def quick_kp(key):
     keypress(key_sequence % (key,))

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyACM0', 9600)
def volume_up():
def volume_down():
def open_terminal():

handlers = {"E0E0E01F":volume_up,
            "E0E020DF":lambda: quick_kp("1"),
            "E0E0A05F":lambda: quick_kp("2"),
            "E0E0609F":lambda: quick_kp("3"),
            "E0E010EF":lambda: quick_kp("4"),
            "E0E0906F":lambda: quick_kp("5"),
            "E0E050AF":lambda: quick_kp("6"),
            "E0E030CF":lambda: quick_kp("7"),
            "E0E0B04F":lambda: quick_kp("8"),
            "E0E0708F":lambda: quick_kp("9"),
            "E0E08877":lambda: quick_kp("0")
while True:
     key = ser.readline().split("\r\n")[0]
     if key in handlers: