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SQLite Recap


Carl Burks

Tuesday, I gave a presentation for the Little Rock .NET User Group it was my first time presenting on SQLite. First, I had more content than I needed for the time slot. I thought I might be the only speaker so I prepared more content than I needed. If I had to do it over again I would have put the code example first. I didn’t make it to my powershell example, which I thought would be useful to a lot of developers. Most people like to see code rather learning facts, trivia and "what you can do" with a technology.

The next thing I realized was from watching Paul Gower’s presentation "Intro to Kanban". Sometimes less is more, simple design, and effective use of color can bring a lot to a presentation. This wasn’t his first tech presentation, so his had more polish. I could tell that his was passionate about his choice of topic, Kanban. He plugged very effectively and I would be willing to give it a try for my team if it was an option.

At the end of the presentations they gave away prizes and I won a subscription to JetBrains. I selected Resharper Ultimate + Rider. I installed it and used some of the tools to clean up my presentation example. After additional tweaks I plan on placing it in a repo. I will leave the one I linked in my previous blog for posterity. I was impressed with the tool and think it would be a worth while addition to a dev team’s toolbelt.

SQLite is a timely topic. I got my copy of SDTimes and they had an article about SQLite in the Feb Print issue, but it is linked online here.

I was going to record the presentation but I must have not pushed the record button hard enough, in any case I plan to redo the presentation and record it for YouTube in a three part series. With that goal in mind, I watched some YouTube tutorials for Inkscape for Logo creation. I’ve used Inkscape but wanted to improve my skill set so I watched:

I made a few tweaks and I haven’t finalized my logo, but here is what I’ve come up with:

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