2017-07-09 19:46:19 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

I've been bitten by the game development bug lately. I'm spurred on my children who have all sorts of ideas for what they want to see in game. Starting with an space invaders style game I was able to make a fairly simple game. I showed the start of the game to a friend/ coworker of mine and he suggested ECS.

With an Entity Component System composistion is favored over inheritence. I'm using a library called Esper

I've also started making sprites using a formerly open source program called Asesprite.

I bought it from Humble. At the time it was 20% off. You can select EFF as your charity .

Here is a little sprite I made for the game:



I'm debating about if I will post my code to GitHub or try to build a game I can sell on Steam or the Android store. At the moment I'm still playing with the frameworks and building. I've got a few ideas for things I would want to build a little more complicated than space invaders.