Carl Burks

Technology and Software Development

Date Title
2018-02-15T16:46:38.000-07:00 SQLite Recap
2018-02-10T19:37:12.000-07:00 SQLite .NET User Group Little Rock Talk
2018-01-29T23:14:50.000-07:00 Sqlite
2018-01-21T23:49:44.000-07:00 January Update
2018-01-16T21:39:15.000-07:00 Image Manipulation With Image Magick
2018-01-16T21:04:11.000-07:00 Powershell Hyper-V
2018-01-01T21:10:36.000-07:00 Powershell on New Environment
2017-12-12T18:40:49.000-07:00 Happy Hanukkah
2017-11-16T23:05:51.000-07:00 Dice Roller
2017-11-01T19:45:48.000-07:00 October Update
2017-10-16T11:39:56.000-07:00 Book Site Update - Vue
2017-10-04T16:47:17.000-07:00 Book Site Continued AngularIO
2017-09-29T16:22:40.000-07:00 CORS with Docker HTTPD
2017-09-25T11:21:19.000-07:00 Book site React Version
2017-09-25T11:07:25.000-07:00 Pi Update
2017-09-16T16:54:22.000-07:00 Amp
2017-09-14T19:16:12.000-07:00 Book site Vue Version
2017-09-13T21:08:30.000-07:00 Random Projects Book Site
2017-09-07T19:54:41.000-07:00 rot13
2017-09-06T17:00:58.000-07:00 Pre-Amp Update
2017-09-05T11:30:11.000-07:00 Preamp
2017-08-23T22:00:08.000-07:00 Make Your Own Backgrounds with Pango and ImageMagick
2017-08-19T22:12:08.000-07:00 Arduino Project
2017-08-17T21:52:50.000-07:00 Aseprite
2017-08-17T19:49:01.000-07:00 XMonad
2017-08-14T19:50:03.000-07:00 UltraSonicFun
2017-08-03T19:53:45.000-07:00 End Of WingIDE usage
2017-07-30T19:15:09.000-07:00 Infrared remote Update
2017-07-27T19:39:29.000-07:00 Infrared remote
2017-07-27T19:10:47.000-07:00 Remote Assistance
2017-07-09T12:46:19.000-07:00 PyGame
2017-06-21T22:01:49.000-07:00 Tools for Development on Android
2017-06-21T21:56:03.000-07:00 Robot
2017-06-10T13:46:10.000-07:00 Pedals
2017-05-30T20:12:57.000-07:00 Side Projects
2017-05-30T19:59:36.000-07:00 flashcards
2017-05-07T21:40:35.000-07:00 Web Dev Skeleton Yet Another Update
2017-04-23T22:43:13.000-07:00 Music Install Notes
2017-04-20T20:40:36.000-07:00 STOMP fail
2017-04-16T01:09:00.000-07:00 Linux Mint
2017-04-08T16:08:08.000-07:00 Samba
2017-04-06T21:21:12.000-07:00 WebDevSkeleton
2017-03-23T19:23:57.000-07:00 You make what you know
2017-03-09T18:27:06.000-07:00 The Move
2017-03-02T17:13:10.000-07:00 WebDevSkeleton Update
2017-02-18T16:35:10.000-07:00 Scaffolding
2017-02-10T19:42:12.000-07:00 Powershell ISE alternative for Linux
2017-02-06T21:23:28.000-07:00 Using Docker provide access to books for Kindle
2017-02-05T19:02:55.000-07:00 Docker on Linux
2017-01-30T20:38:25.000-07:00 Games from my past
2017-01-17T18:54:37.344-07:00 Diagrams
2017-01-16T10:43:00.002-07:00 Fixing the time in Windows after booting into another OS
2017-01-14T12:37:00.002-07:00 Connecting to Docker on Windows 10 from local LAN
2017-01-09T22:26:00.002-07:00 So many projects so little time
2017-01-09T22:26:00.002-07:00 Getting an image to work on your Arduino
2017-01-09T22:26:00.002-07:00 New board with wifi
2017-01-02T21:10:00.002-07:00 How I spent my New Year's Vacation
2017-01-02T21:10:00.002-07:00 Fixing the low res on Raspberry PI
2016-12-26T18:33:00.002-07:00 Holiday Loot
2016-12-15T22:30:00.002-07:00 New Blog Engine in Python
2016-12-01T22:53:00.002-07:00 Watchdog and watchmedo for fun and pep8ing
2016-11-23T09:09:00.002-07:00 Robot Legacy and comparing robots I have known
2016-11-23T08:45:00.002-07:00 Added support for NewsAPI, Test Coverage, and more
2016-11-10T17:43:00.002-07:00 Reddit DL has been renamed to Pernicious Paper Picker
2016-11-01T19:01:00.002-07:00 Reddit DL and a blurb about Aaron Swartz
2016-10-25T19:40:00.002-07:00 Little Rock Tech Fest
2016-10-18T19:59:00.002-07:00 How to remove items with only one in the collection
2016-10-07T20:09:00.002-07:00 Continuing the Downloader project part II
2016-09-30T17:38:00.002-07:00 Continuing the Downloader project
2016-09-19T18:55:00.002-07:00 I am getting started with RabbitMQ
2016-08-24T17:38:00.002-07:00 Limited PowerShell wrapper for the Python praw library
2016-08-23T17:38:00.002-07:00 Spelling For the Command Line
2016-08-21T18:58:00.002-07:00 Humble Book Bundle
2016-08-18T11:03:00.002-07:00 New Blog Site and Engine Part II
2016-08-17T21:34:00.002-07:00 New Blog Site and Engine
2016-07-27T21:34:00.002-07:00 Arcade Joystick
2016-07-13T19:30:00.000-07:00 Teamspeak Install/Setup Instructions
2016-07-10T07:26:00.002-07:00 Replacing MySQL with MariaDB
2016-07-07T19:01:00.003-07:00 Apache on Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox Headless
2016-07-07T19:01:00.002-07:00 Apache on Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox Headless
2016-05-14T12:39:00.001-07:00 Jekyll with Virtual Box and Network Mount
2016-05-11T20:00:00.000-07:00 Synthesizers
2016-04-13T14:22:00.001-07:00 PowerShellFunctions
2016-04-06T19:05:00.001-07:00 How to make the most of archiving a web page to PDF
2016-04-01T14:53:00.000-07:00 Handling distractions when sleeping (For a Friend)
2016-03-12T18:11:00.003-08:00 Calendar In Powershell
2016-03-08T19:12:00.000-08:00 Visual Studio Debugging
2016-02-08T15:56:00.000-08:00 EVE Online
2015-11-22T17:35:00.000-08:00 Minecraft: The Castle that commands and command blocks built
2015-11-18T15:48:00.000-08:00 Using an ultrasonic sensor with a Rasberry Pi
2015-09-28T16:26:00.000-07:00 Random Tables Update IV
2015-09-09T17:18:00.000-07:00 Random Tables Update III
2015-09-04T08:09:00.000-07:00 Carl Burks' Random Tables Progress
2015-09-02T18:32:00.000-07:00 Random Tables: Update
2015-09-01T21:05:00.002-07:00 Random Table Portable Library, Windows 10 Application, and Web Port in C#
2015-06-14T17:29:00.001-07:00 Octodad: Dadliest Catch
2015-06-06T17:47:00.000-07:00 New Phone
2015-05-07T20:36:00.000-07:00 Controlling VLC via Python and some AHK
2015-05-05T19:46:00.001-07:00 Windows Host to Linux Guest Named Pipe on VirtualBox
2015-05-01T17:30:00.001-07:00 Arduino LCD Shield
2015-05-01T12:58:00.001-07:00 Parallax Quickstart Board and SPIN
2015-05-01T12:58:00.000-07:00 Installing Arch on a Toshiba NB300
2015-05-01T12:57:00.002-07:00 TI-83 Stat Calc
2015-05-01T12:57:00.000-07:00 Computer Games - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
2015-01-11T12:29:00.000-08:00 Fixing problems with a black box application, strace
2015-01-05T20:31:00.000-08:00 Getting Scrapy, a web crawler framework, working on Windows 8.1
2014-12-18T19:50:00.001-08:00 MUD
2014-11-19T19:45:00.000-08:00 NodeMUD
2014-11-19T19:23:00.001-08:00 MUD Game Programming
2014-11-05T18:57:00.002-08:00 PHP Data Layer Cont.
2014-11-01T19:40:00.002-07:00 PHP data
2014-10-30T21:21:00.000-07:00 Get StarGen from GURPS working
2014-10-30T19:37:00.002-07:00 Linux VM and browsing the web with Firefox
2014-10-13T20:46:00.003-07:00 PHP, .NET, and the REST
2014-10-12T16:45:00.003-07:00 Features
2014-10-09T19:24:00.000-07:00 Retro GUI
2014-10-07T19:09:00.001-07:00 Rise of First Class Malware
2014-10-06T17:49:00.002-07:00 Naming things fldsmdfr
2014-10-04T09:19:00.001-07:00 Spreadsheet named ranges
2014-10-02T16:33:00.002-07:00 Random Facts
2014-10-01T16:11:00.002-07:00 TNC Baofeng APRS Droid
2014-10-01T06:02:00.001-07:00 Good Documentation
2014-09-30T17:31:00.000-07:00 Starting a new Project
2014-09-30T16:59:00.001-07:00 End of
2014-09-30T16:32:00.003-07:00 Shellshock
2014-05-01T19:52:00.000-07:00 Dual Booting Windows 8.1 and Arch 64bit on E430
2014-04-12T06:20:00.000-07:00 Lenovo Fail
2014-03-06T16:16:00.002-08:00 Ability Scores in Bash
2014-02-17T15:34:00.001-08:00 Image Management
2014-02-11T19:14:00.002-08:00 Counting calories with a few commands
2014-01-25T06:51:00.003-08:00 Xmonad - Random Background at Interval
2014-01-07T19:12:00.000-08:00 Music
2013-10-31T16:36:00.000-07:00 As the Sparks Fly Upward
2013-10-30T16:42:00.003-07:00 Start of a Geocache
2013-10-29T20:20:00.000-07:00 Battery on Xmobar
2013-10-29T18:28:00.001-07:00 Sound
2013-10-29T17:52:00.002-07:00 What key is that?
2013-10-29T17:32:00.001-07:00 Laptops and Xmonad
2013-10-08T19:05:00.000-07:00 Asus Q200
2013-10-01T17:41:00.003-07:00 Ham Block
2013-09-22T18:17:00.001-07:00 Ham Radio
2013-09-19T20:07:00.001-07:00 Ham Radio
2013-08-31T16:39:00.001-07:00 Topper's
2013-08-30T13:12:00.001-07:00 Waiting in line at Toppers Pizza
2013-08-30T13:11:00.001-07:00 Topper's Pizza
2013-07-20T11:21:00.000-07:00 Touch screen gaming
2013-06-26T19:43:00.003-07:00 Diaspora
2013-06-18T17:31:00.000-07:00 Computer shopping
2013-06-13T21:24:00.000-07:00 New Relic
2012-07-09T21:25:00.000-07:00 Wallpaper