Little Rock Tech Fest 2018 and Central Arkansas Javascript Meeting

2018-10-05 05:28:14 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks


LRTech Fest 2018 Swag

Items in the picture:

I have been going to every year Tech fest since 2013 with one exception. In 2017 I had a scheduling conflict with work, but this year I was once again able to attend:

Little Rock Tech Fest 2018

I was able to get an early bird ticket for 100 USD which I am hoping to get reimbursed. I parked in the wrong lot and it cost 12 USD.


This morning I attended the CSS Bloat talk which was really good.

The talk slide deck is linked here.

He gave several patterns for dealing with the problem and showed GitLab’s custom solution.

He also showed the tool storybook

Next I attended Installing Skynet to Production - Stitching Together Microservices, AI and Kubernetes in the Cloud

Some of the important bits:

pytorch tenserflow google’s guide to machine learning

Production application checklist

Next I went to the MySQL 8 talk

Some highlights:

Unofficial MySQL Guide Release notes

My take away from a developer at a Microsoft shop is that MySQL has been investing in JSON, document stores, built in api and histograms.

SQL 2018 also has some JSON support

Lunch was provided Tacos for life I got the vegetarian option which was a red tofu taco which was pretty good.


Next up was just what was needed after lunch.

An interactive session

this was also one of my favorites. Rethinking flow is really important to how fast things can be done through the entire organization.

Another coworker and I had a nice long conversation with the speaker afterwards.

The final course of the day was a by Neal David

Here are some thoughts from that item:

Node development makes developers happy.

Use Node to talk to SQL with seriate

Strangulation Pattern for cleaning up an app

Edge.js gives you .NET with Node.

Central Arkansas JavaScript

After tech fest ended for the day I moved another training venue. Central Arkansas JavaScript

Some take items from this session:

It was really great to have a small group talk with Tristan Sokol