2018-12-17 03:24:06 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

I’ve decided to end my SuperAwesomeBlogMaker. It was a fun experience building my own blog engine, but I have more projects than I have time to keep up with. As I was the only user I’m going to call it and transistion to Jekyll. It is a known engine and works well for many applications. Previously I built my corporation in Eve a site using it, so I’ve had some experience.

I was looking at letting it automatically deploy, but the github-pages plugin requires an old version of jekyll and downgrading wasn’t something I was pleased with, so I will be building locally and deploying a rendered version.

I’m not really losing much by switching. Markdown and HTML are supported by Jekyll. I am losing the SQLite storage and interactive mode that flask provided. The static version was provided by flask-frozen.

It was time for me to shake things up and hopefully having one less project on the burner will give me time to play with other things.