2017-04-08 23:08:08 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

So I had setup a file share on my Raspberry Pi, but that was before we moved. I've forgotten all the info and changed computers since then so I'm going to start over. As part of my documentation process I'm going to go step by step on what I'm going to do to get it working.

I've got a Western Digital special PiDrive:

I downloaded the image for Berry Boot:

Followed the instructions:

Set the Pi up and waited for it to install.

After it boots an XML error appears on OpenBox...


Installed the desktop version. Previously I had installed just the server, but I'm going to leave the desktop one since I will be leaving this one hooked up to a display.

Opened up the web browser which is really Chromium. Unintalled the ad blocking software, it was chewing up too many CPU cycles.

Noticed the hard drive wasn't mounting properly. I believe it is a power supply issue.

I'm going to check my power supply bin and see what I find. Since I moved everything has been packed up.

Changed the USB wart to the appropriate one and the device began behaving properly.

edited /etc/fstab

/dev/sda1   /media/WD   auto    defaults,user       0   0

Then installed samba:

sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin

edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf

sudo nano /etc/smb.conf

switch wins support to yes

added section for the share. Look at Samba documentation for more details.

set the user

smbpasswd -a <YOURUSERHERE>

type the password

Should be ready to go on a guest machine.

Just used nautilus and browse to it. Used the same credentials. Directory worked and viewed in terminal. Made a symlink with


With windows don't forget to add the workgroup then a slash then the user.