Reveal JS

2019-01-29 01:25:00 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

“It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools.” - Unknown.

Using Powerpoint to put an audience to sleep is a known cliche, it is called “Death By PowerPoint”. The fault does not merely reside with the tool, but with the crafter of slides. As a developer, demos during a tech talk are almost a requirement. This provides a break up to the monotony of slides.

A visual aid often overlooked by developer tech talks is “handouts”. The audience feels more engaged when they have something close at hand to focus on. On my future tech talk to the Central Arkansas Javascript User Group I plan on handing out a “cheat sheet” for NPM. This will give my listeners an opportunity to follow along, take notes with the pens provided, and stay engaged.

While it is possible to create eye-catching slides use PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple’s KeyNote. They are limiting and constrained to the confines of what presentation software is designed to accomplish. With a product like Reveal JS you can use the standard product out of the box, but it is… code. You can change the tool to fit your needs.

Without further ado:

I could plug the features or you could visit the website and see for yourself.

Pay close attention to the:

Vertical Slide Navigation Option

You can add detail to a topic by laying out vertical slides which might provide additional detail which you can omit if you are pressed for time.


Zoom.js is baked in and is amazing! You can Alt click on anything and “bam” it zooms.


If you have been in the developer game for the past few years, you should be no stranger to Markdown. If you are new then head on down to and pick up the syntax. Slides can be written in simple to use Markdown.

Code Highlighting provides syntax highlighting. A very cool thing for development slides.

Other features which are pretty common

Other features