Questioning Windows

2018-12-25 23:05:06 +0000 - Written by Carl Burks

I booted into Windows and I was going to try out Windows SubSystem for Linux and see if I could run Jekyll with it. There are some known issues with using it with Windows and I thought it might work better through the WSL.

One big problem.

I had named a file with a question mark. In Linux this isn’t a problem. Question marks, spaces, weird characters Linux is like an uncaring Honey Badger it will let you be the boss and name things what you want.

Windows on the other hand fails spectacularly. The file is hidden from File Explorer. Jekyll from the WSL throws an error which is weird because normal Linux works just fine by itself. Powershell pukes up an error when you “ls” the directory and can’t change the file.

So I rebooted into Linux and had a problem since I was dual booting the files were in read only state since I hibernated Windows instead of shutting down. A simple reboot and shutdown with the shift key pressed took care of that. I was able to rename the file and was off to the races.